About Us

Who We Are

Eco Strategies is an Israeli organization collaborating with local and international partners to translate environmental global strategies and national policies into projects ranging from integrated Climate Crisis operation centers to Sustainable Agriculture Centers of Excellence for small farmers.

Our Climate Crisis Data Data Fusion and Operations Center (CC FORCE) project proposal is based on the integration of a prominent and accessible operations center with a digital knowledge platform, capturing and emphasizing the emergency nature of the climate crisis and its impact. Manned and supported by expert teams, the operations center will be responsible for collecting, integrating, analyzing, displaying, monitoring, alerting, and disseminating climate change-related data and information to decision-makers and stakeholders of the European Green Deal and relevant global platforms (e.g., IPCC).

In developing economies we partner with Ministries of Agricultural and local professional training teams who work with communities of small-scale farmers to significantly enhance their yields and increase their incomes. We specialize in integrating environmentally friendly and climate-smart agricultural knowledge and techniques with high value crops, affordable cutting-edge technologies, and local traditions and resources.

Our integrative capacity-building projects complement the national and regional level agricultural Centers of Excellence, created with local professional teams. Our Train-the-Trainer methodologies that enable large numbers of farmers to transition from subsistence farming to successful commercial and semi-commercial enterprises. Communities as a whole are provided with economic, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the spirit of the UN SDGs.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, with projects spanning over Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, is highly capable of customizing innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to local conditions and challenges.

Our demonstration and training farm, located in a valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is based on the principles of sustainable high value agriculture that we apply in our international projects.