Date Palm Projects

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One of the oldest cultivated trees, date palms have been growing in arid regions around the world as an important crop for over than 5,000 years. In the Bible, the date palm is one of the Seven Species symbolizing Israel. Worldwide, date palms are considered a symbol of life and prosperity.

Dates are coveted for their sweet and unique taste and for their nutritional and medicinal values. Consumer awareness of their benefits has risen sharply, and global consumption nearly doubled in the past 20 years. Additional benefits for growers include their high profitabilty as well as their ability to be kept without additional processing for 18 months, thrive on saline and brackish water, and inter-crop with multiple crops - from mango trees to pumpkins. 

In Israel, over one million date palms grow in the Arava and Jordan Valley regions. Known for their high quality, date palm cultivation is conducted using leading cutting-edge technologies and growing techniques.  Eco Strategies' date palm experts implemented and managed projects in Morocco, Kenya, and India at the country and regional levels, aiming at large and medium scale farmers as well as communities of small-scale farmers.