• Our capacity building modules and courses are co-taught with local experts. We focus on the active involvement of participants and the mutual sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  • We specialize in the Train-the-Trainers approach for professionals, enabling the effective and large scale dissemination of practical know-how, techniques and technologies to farmers’ communities.
  • Part of the training can be conducted Israel, where we closely collaborate with Tel Aviv University’s Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security, Southern Arava R&D, and MASHAV.

Our Training and Courses

  • Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture: Principles and Implementation Read More
  • Permaculture Design Course Read More
  • Irrigation Systems: Implementation and Management
  • Agroforestry and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Watershed Management & Water Harvesting Systems
  • Soil Fertility and Conservation
  • Multi-Cropping and Inter-Cropping: Design and implementation
  • Ecological Pest Management
  • Post-harvesting Systems & Practices
  • Commercialization of Agricultural Products
  • Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Sector: Agritech and Agrotourism
  • Sustainability and Culture: Integrating Cultural Values and Heritage into Sustainable Agriculture Projects
  • Sustainable Agriculture Across Boundaries: Global trends, the UN SDGs, and Climate Change
  • Planning for Sustainable Development and Conservation